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                        WOMP CREATIVE MANAGEMENT



     WOMP Creative Management is structured to provide creators with the support and resources to optimize their careers in a rapidly changing digital world.


         Our core management principles are built on the belief that Brand is top priority to a successful career whether Producer, Songwriter or Artist. Having a powerful team of resources from music administration, label services, and professional representation are a testament to our commitment to support our clients' ability to operate their businesses in the most cutting-edge and independent manner possible. We want you to be able to do what you do best, being creative.





Write On Music Publishing (WOMP) works alongside songwriters and composers to develop hits, nurture the talents  of writers through co-writes and other collaborations, and finds ways to connect their songs with recording artists, television, film, video games and advertising.



To composers, producers, artist and writers we got you covered. You focus on creativity we focus on the paperwork, legal and making sure your getting the maximum return royalties. We have the best team of nerds you have ever seen crunching numbers day and night.




Opportunity everyday through our networks from Film & TV to National Commercial placements. 

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