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* Brooke Barry - 18-year-old self-made entrepreneur has nearly 3.7 million supporters across her socials.

* First single (Wake Up) garnered 14K Pre-Saves.

* Placement in multiple media outlets including interviews


Wake Up

                                         Campaign Details


* Build a professional and strong market presence via opportunities and placements, including but not limited to, top-tier radio and blogs
* Promote the new single “Wake Up” to her existing fan base.
* Build and grow Brooke Barry’s fanbase on Spotify and Instagram


* Assign Label Manager
* Create Marketing Campaign Build-out/Strategy
* Onboard Singles to Distribution Networks
* Create Marketing Blurb & PR One Sheet
* Set up Music Hub for Media, and Assets
* Create Hyperlinks and Preview Tracks
* Create and Optimize Media Ads for SM Platform from Assets


* Target Audience of 250K-500K per release via Ads and Playlisting
* Drive traffic to social and digital music hyperlinks/sites
* Identify analytics of target audience and fans
* Build an organic active fan base
* Increase Spotify Followers & Listeners
* Secure media placements via Playlists, Blogs, and Targeted Outlets


                                  CAMPAIGN RESULTS

                      Added to more than 12,865 Playlists
              First single (Wake Up) garnered 14K Pre-Saves
                5 million audience reach via Social Media Ads
          Placement in multiple Media Outlet including interviews


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